We believe that all youth deserve to have a place to be safe, to be accepted, to belong, to be themselves, to know that they are awesome in who they are and that they are not alone. This is why 37 Frank has become an incredible blessing as we have been able to give our youth such a place!

We are here to be present in their lives, through our youth coffeehouse that we call Frank’s Cafe. Here youth can hang out have food, conversation, engage in fun activities like drama, pottery, music and theme nights. Learn the basics of life, like doing laundry, cooking, shopping, money skills etc. Conversations can happen over a cup of coffee and a sense of genuine community, trust, and care can be created. This would enable us to help young people with anything from problems at school, to a family crisis, and, if necessary, connect them with an agency that can provide specialized care.

37 FRANK, also functions as a drop in centre during the day to help homeless, at risk, and impoverished youth. Here the youth’s immediate needs are established and met. At the centre we provide warmth, food, toiletries, clothing, showers, and laundry. We also connect youth to other agencies to provide the services we are unable to.


Youth Unlimited YFC
37 Frank St
Strathroy ON, N7G 2R3


Phone: (226) 926-9369
Email: Click to Email
Website: Click to Visit


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