In today’s world, reliable voice service and seamless data transfer are essential. Execulink focuses on the availability, performance, scalability, and redundancy of its communications infrastructure to satisfy today’s business and technology needs. We continue to invest in local communities with network upgrades, increased service options, and coverage expansion and have strong relationships with national and global communications providers to ensure the scale and accessibility required to meet the needs of small, medium, and large enterprise businesses.

In operation since 1904, Execulink Telecom has evolved from a small independent local telephone company into one of the leading telecommunications providers in Ontario. Through innovation and forward-thinking, we cultivated our local telephony offerings to provide a full-scale suite of telecommunications services including Internet, Television, Voice and Network Solutions. These services are now available to all levels of industry, encompassing 50,000 business, enterprise, government, and residential customers.


Execulink Telecom
1127 Ridgeway Rd
Woodstock ON, N4V 1E3


Phone: 877-393-2854
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Meredith Gillin
Marketing Coordinator

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